Route Tracking

Track driving history for your entire fleet

See where, when and and for how long your drivers drive each day. Gain valuable insight into fleet productivity and daily operations.

  • Route driven

    View a map for every trip that shows where your drivers went and when. See how long they spend behind the windshield.

  • Track drivers in real-time

    See where active drivers are on a map at any time. Learn more.

  • Distance

    Measure miles driven by driver for each trip they take.

  • Time between trips

    Monitor the amount of time drivers spend between driving tasks, helping you better plan daily job assignments.

See when and where risky behavior occurs

Fleetio tracks the location and duration of risky driving events and displays them on the map of each trip, giving you powerful insight into routine driver behavior. Learn more.

  • Phone usage

  • Speeding

  • Hard braking

  • Aggressive Acceleration

Fleetio Drive: How It Works

Reduce risky driving behavior and increase fleet safety with Fleetio Drive. Using the built-in sensors in the smartphone, Fleetio automatically tracks trip distance, location and the duration of driving events such as speeding, phone usage, aggressive acceleration and hard braking. Fleetio scores and ranks drivers, giving Fleet Managers insight into their best drivers and worst drivers and targets for improvement.

Drivers install and enable trip tracking from the Fleetio Go mobile app on their smartphone.

Fleetio automatically tracks each trip a driver takes and their associated driving behaviors.

Each trip is scored for quality on a scale of 1-100 and trip records and stored in Fleetio.

Drivers have instant access to their historical trips, driving behavior, and trip scores, helping them to identify areas for improvement.

Fleet Managers analyze driving habits for their fleet and see how drivers compare to each other, rewarding great drivers and working those who need a little more coaching.

Fleetio Drive

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Trip Tracking App

Automatically track trips from driver smartphones using the Fleetio Go mobile app.

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Driver Scorecard

Easy-to-understand scorecards based on individual driver safety.

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Filterable, exportable trip and driver status reports make it easy to monitor your entire fleet.

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