Trip Tracking App

Track, score and rank drivers using a mobile app

Using the sensors built into your drivers’ smartphones, Fleetio automatically detects and records each trip through Fleetio Go, our fleet management mobile app. There’s no hardware to order and install and you can signup and start tracking within minutes.

  • Automatic tracking

    Maintain accurate, detailed trip records for each driver in your fleet. Detect the start of a trip in just one hundred meters.

  • On Duty/Off Duty control

    Drivers simply indicate they are on duty via the Fleetio Go mobile app and Fleetio tracks them throughout their work day.

  • Score drivers based on driving habits

    Fleetio monitors and scores drivers based on the location, duration and number of risky behaviors such as phone usage, speeding, hard braking and aggressive acceleration.

Mobile access to trip stats and driver performance scores

Fleetio gives drivers access to their historical performance in the Fleetio Go mobile app, helping them to monitor their own time and behavior.

  • Driver scorecards

  • Driver rank

  • Trip history

  • Risky driving events

  • GPS location

Fleetio Drive

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