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Pro Plan

Pro Plan

$ 4 per driver / month billed annually

$ 5 per driver / month billed monthly

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Starting at $15/month which
includes your first 3 drivers.

Starting at $12/month which
includes your first 3 drivers.

Advanced Plan

$ 7 per driver / month billed annually

$ 8 per driver / month billed monthly

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Starting at $24/month which
includes your first 3 drivers.

Starting at $21/month which
includes your first 3 drivers.

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Since implementing Fleetio Drive, dispatch saves 2.5 hours daily, drivers save 15 to 30 minutes daily and McCorvey saves 76 percent on its annual fleet GPS tracking software costs.

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Track drivers without additional hardware,
improve productivity and increase fleet safety.

Pro Advanced
Automatic Trip Tracking & Recording Automatically detect trip starts & stops and record routes using only a smartphone app. No hardware installation is necessary. Learn More
Real-Time Monitoring Locate drivers in real-time. Find the nearest person to a specific address or location and improve fleet efficiency. Learn More
Trip History Reporting Review trip and driver summary reports by date range and other filters. Easily analyze efficiency and export data for further analysis. Learn More
Saved Places + Geofences Save and organize places drivers visit regularly. See visit counts, elapsed time per visit and more. Learn More
Geofence Alerts Create geofences and receive instant notifications when drivers arrive or leave a geofenced area. Learn More
Driver Profiles Create detailed contact profiles, store documents, create reminders and more. View trip statistics and historial route details for each driver.
Text Messages Send a text message to drivers. View previous messages sent.
Driver Behavior Monitoring & Alerts Track unsafe driving habits like phone usage, speeding, hard braking & aggressive acceleration using smartphone sensors that are as-accurate or more-accurate than OBD solutions. Learn More
Safety Scorecards Evaluate & improve driver behavior by measuring a wide variety of safety factors like speeding, hard braking & accelerations, phone use, length of time driving, time of day, and many more. Learn More
Driver Leaderboards & Rewards Rank drivers and improve safety through gamification. Actionable insights help you reward good drivers and easily identify risky ones. Learn More
Webhooks Automatically push data about your trips and driver locations to other systems and applications. Learn More
Pro Advanced
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Fleetio Drive measures GPS location and driver behavior using only the sensors within your smartphone. This allows you to track and record behaviors like phone use, speeding, hard braking, sharp accelerations, length of time driving and more.

Do my drivers need to have smartphones?

Yes. Each driver in your fleet will need a smartphone to track their trips and driving behavior.

Visit our Help Center to view a list of tested and recommended smartphones.

Does the app track where I am at all times?

No. Fleetio Drive tracks where you have been while the “drive detection” setting is turned on. Fleetio will not track your location or trips when “drive detection” is turned off or in the background.

How is it different from traditional hardware OBD solutions?

Driver-centric measurements. 90% of collisions result from human error. 30% result from phone use. While hardware solutions are limited to vehicle diagnostics, Fleetio Drive focuses on what’s most important: the driver.

Easier implementation. Unlike hardware solutions which need to be installed on each vehicle, Fleetio Drive can be installed in just seconds on a driver’s existing smartphone. No hardware needed.

Lower price. One of the largest benefits of not requiring hardware is the ability to keep prices affordable and flexible.

How secure is my data?
Your data and files are transmitted using SSL encryption both to and from your web browser (the same as online banks).