Equipment Management Software

Manage your vehicles, small equipment and tools in one place

In addition to managing your rolling assets, use Fleetio to manage small equipment and tools for a holistic solution that ensures you can rely on all your fleet assets to get the job done.

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Equipment chainsaw
  • Manage Vehicles, Equipment, Tools and Parts in One System

    Track your entire fleet along with all of your critical equipment in a single system. Stay one click away from data like equipment details, location and purchase information. Increase efficiency by eliminating manual equipment tracking.

  • Keep Equipment Running Efficiently

    Collaborate with your team to quickly manage and track detailed inspections on your equipment. Set service reminders to ensure equipment is maintained properly, and gain insight into the condition of your equipment.

  • Improve Accountability and Communication

    Gain instant visibility into which operator, crew or vehicle equipment is assigned to and never question who last used it or who is currently using it. Maintain a complete audit trail and hold employees accountable for equipment that goes missing and never hunt for equipment again.

Equipment mobile

Maintain control of your equipment from anywhere

We understand small equipment and tools have less complex maintenance needs than your vehicles but are just as critical to your fleet operations. Our new equipment management features are built to ensure your team has complete control of your equipment. Now, you can keep fleet data on every single asset up-to-date and centralized, saving you time, money and hassle.

Equipment weedeater

Ensure your equipment always gets the job done

Whether you own or lease small equipment like lawn mowers, jackhammers, snow plows, hand tools and more, these assets can be a lot to manage alongside your fleet vehicles. Ensure equipment never lets you down with a one-stop shop for fleet vehicle and equipment management.

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