Fleetio Drive

Driver behavior & GPS tracking
using smartphones

Track your fleet and monitor driver performance scores
using iPhone and Android mobile devices.

No hardware to install

Fleetio Drive uses your phone's sensors to track driver behavior. There's no additional hardware to install or costly data plans.

Improve driving safety

Understand driving behavior for your fleet to help reduce risk and liability and improve safe driving conditions.

Reduce vehicle wear and tear

Erratic driving can reak havoc on vehicle parts and cause them to breakdown faster. With improved driving habits, you can extend the length of time between service needs.

Automatically detect trips in the background

Instantly detect when a vehicle is being driven and maintain detailed, accurate trip records. There’s nothing you need to do other than install Fleetio Go on your drivers’ phones.

Score your drivers' performance

Detect events like hard braking, heavy acceleration, speeding and phone usage while the vehicle is in motion. Drivers are scored on each trip, making it easy to determine who needs coaching and who deserves a pat on the back.

Gain insight into driver safety and track improvements

With every trip tracked in Fleetio, you can unlock powerful driving behavior trends and track progress on incremental safety improvement tactics.

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