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Asset Management

All Vehicle Details

Store everything about your fleet. Purchase or lease details, operating expenses, status history, driver assignments, important dates and more — all in one place. Even link vehicles together to better manage associated assets.

Real-time Cost Per Mile

Cost per mile (or kilometer or hour) is automatically calculated for each vehicle. This powerful metric shows your fleet expenses by utilization and helps compare vehicles.

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Documents & Photos

Upload lease contracts, warranty details and other important documents. Add photos for better vehicle identification or recording damage.

Custom Fields

Store custom attributes about your vehicles and sort them any way you choose. Custom fields can be open text fields, date fields or drop-downs with predefined values for data consistency.

Import & Export Data

Import vehicle data at any time. Bulk update your vehicle data by exporting it, editing in your favorite spreadsheet program and re-importing it.

VIN Decoding

Automatically populate all vehicle details with our VIN Decoder in order to spec the right vehicles as your fleet grows or you replace assets.


Integrate GPS Devices

Get geolocation, automatic odometer updates, DTC handling and fuel location exception reporting with our growing list of GPS integrations.

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Inspections & Compliance


Drivers conduct inspections from their mobile device using Fleetio Go. Inspection history is accessible through Fleetio Go at anytime ensuring drivers can produce recent reports for law enforcement.

Custom Forms

Choose from preloaded DOT, MOT or Fleetio-suggested forms or build your own from scratch. Flexible form fields, drivers instructions and the drag n' drop editor allow for fully custom forms and data consistency.

Automate Failure Workflows

Automatically trigger a change in vehicle status, open an issue and alert the appropriate people via email when inspection items fail reducing asset downtime.


Create and assign inspection schedules to vehicles ensuring compliance and optimizing preventative maintenance.

Upload Media

Drivers can attach media such as photos and comments to any inspection item providing a new level of clarity between operators and maintenance teams.

GPS tracking

Every driver-completed report includes a time-date stamp, inspection duration and location ensuring inspection quality.

Maintenance & Repairs

Work Orders

Plan, schedule and carry out maintenance with Work Orders. See parts and labor subtotals for line items, and log which parts were used and which mechanic(s) did the work.

Parts Database

Manage details about your fleet’s parts like manufacturer information, part location and photos all in one place. Track part allocation for work done on your vehicles and record part usage in Work Orders. Our mobile app, Fleetio Parts, makes it easy to manage inventory from anywhere.

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PM Scheduling

Set up reminder notifications for any service task (e.g. oil change, PM-A, etc). Subscribe multiple users to any reminder, including renewal reminders (tag renewal, insurance, etc).

Inventory Management

Quickly make quantity adjustments to avoid part stockouts, reduce unnecessary costs and optimize space. Reorder notifications and daily alerts make it easy! Increase efficiency by creating inventory workflows.

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Maintenance History

Quickly log maintenance for a vehicle. More for basic summary data (work accomplished, parts/labor costs) and useful when work is done by a third-party vendor.

Defect Reporting

Users can report problems with a vehicle such as “brakes making noise” — even from their mobile device. Other users are automatically notified allowing you to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

Predictive Maintenance

Forecast service schedules based on actual vehicle utilization to avoid over- or under-maintenance and improve planning and budgeting.

Purchase Orders

Simplify parts procurement. Track inventory fulfillment and gain visibility into purchasing history of each part and vendor. Approval workflows let you authorize purchases.

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Fuel Management

Fuel Metrics

Fuel economy (MPG, km/L & L/100km) is automatically calculated for each fill-up. Monitor your fleet’s fuel efficiency to improve driving habits and drastically reduce fuel costs.

iPhone and Android Apps

Drivers can log fuel data and upload receipts at the pump in seconds with Fleetio Go, the asset management app designed specifically for fleets.

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Fuel Card Automation

Fuel data is automatically imported from supported fuel cards. Updates from the pump trigger maintenance alerts, and odometer validation ensures accurate fuel reporting. Notifications are sent when invalid mileages are detected so they can be corrected - improving fuel economy metrics.

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Import Fuel Transactions

Import fuel data from a spreadsheet. Create reusable templates and quickly import data from the same source on a regular basis.


Fuel Tracking App

Download Fleetio Go - manage fuel entries and more on the go!

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Contact Management

Employee & Driver Management

Keep detailed records about employees including custom fields, photos and documents. Set reminders for important dates like license renewals or drug tests. Assign drivers to vehicles and maintain assignment history.

Vendor Management

Track important details about third-party service providers, fuel vendors, in-house groups or cost centers. Link them to maintenance and fuel records, making it easy to see exactly how much you’re spending with each vendor.

Collaboration & Integrations

Mobile Access

Manage your fleet from anywhere using your phone or tablet with an easy-to-use mobile app, Fleetio Go. Users can quickly access and inspect vehicles, log issues and enter maintenance or fuel records on the go.

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GPS Integrations

Automatically update odometer readings, manage diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) and analyze fuel location exception reporting through various GPS integrations.

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Unlimited Users

Fleet management is best with shared responsibilities. Add unlimited users to keep everyone on the same page. Flexible permissions let you control what each user can do and which vehicles he or she can access.

Developer API

Software is best when its data can be leveraged by other systems. Use Fleetio data like vehicle records, maintenance logs and driver information in third-party software applications.

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Comments & Notifications

Leave notes and comments on just about everything – vehicles, fuel and maintenance records, vendors, etc. Other users can subscribe and receive email notifications when a comment is added.

Ongoing Training

Live weekly webinars cover everything from Fleetio basics to feature deep dives. Ensure your team is getting the most out of Fleetio by attending whenever you like.

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