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Thousands of fleets around the world use Fleetio to optimize fleet operations from any location or device.

Fleet management is easy with Fleetio.

Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Track everything about your vehicles and equipment, from acquisition to disposal.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Manage a preventive maintenance program with ease to keep your fleet safer and more reliable.

Vehicle Maintenance Log

Log maintenance as it happens from your smartphone.

Parts & Inventory Tracking

Track part details, part manufacturers and vendors, and even parts usage.

Fuel Management

Understand fuel costs and track fuel efficiency. Integrate your fuel cards for data automation.

GPS Tracking

Track your fleet using only drivers’ phones. No additional hardware necessary. Learn More

Driver Management

Maintain detailed records for each of your drivers and employees.

Driver Behavior Tracking

Score drivers’ safety based on hard braking, heavy acceleration, phone usage and more. Learn More

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