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Benefit collaboration

Made for collaboration

Empower everyone in your fleet to contribute to its success with unlimited users and flexible permissions.

Benefit mobile

Mobile-first design

Manage your fleet from anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy fleets.

Benefit automation

Automation built-in

Increase efficiency by automating fleet management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, fuel transactions and more.

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Collaborate with your fleet from anywhere. Create efficiency without expensive seat-based licenses or time consuming software updates.

Spreadsheets Fleet Management Company Installed Software
Ramp up speed 30 days or more 2-4 weeks to start. Longer to fully onboard FMC rep. 6-12 months 2 weeks or less
Implementation effort Long lead time for building framework/ formulas High. Difficult to transfer knowledge Increases with volume of devices and users Low. Quick set up w/ VIN decoding & bulk data import
Data accessibility High. Issues w/ versioning and tracking changes by author Varied. Can be difficult to access data as needed Limited. Confined to specific licenses/ computers. No mobile access. Access from anywhere— Web and mobile. Unlimited seats. Quick data export.
Integrations with business intelligence software None. None. None. Integrate data from telematics devices, fuel cards, accounting software, external shops and more.
Ease of use Relies on skills with spreadsheets/ formulas. Relatively easy but lots of phone calls and emails to approve activities. Time consuming software updates. Can mean software downtime and lost productivity. Simple, even for technology-challenged users. Automatic, seamless software updates.
Cost Low but human cost of time spent training can be high. Usually lower than 1 FTE, but think tens of thousands. Costly, especially with more licenses/seats. Pay to upgrade to new versions. Starts at $5/vehicle per month. Unlimited users & support and API access. Free updates.

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