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How to Improve Fleet Sustainability

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When: Tuesday, October 26 at 11 am CST

Businesses that operate fleets are under pressure from investors, regulators, and consumers to assess their climate risk and improve ESG performance. This pressure will present different challenges and opportunities to different businesses, but the playbook for building a fleet sustainability program is the same. For those companies that start early, understanding your carbon footprint can help you mitigate risk and present an opportunity to differentiate your brand and build trust, loyalty, and sales.

This webinar, hosted by Tim Venghaus, GreenPrint's Director of Solutions for Fleets & Mobility, will cover the principles of fleet sustainability and help explain topics like:

  • Sources of carbon emissions
  • Current regulatory and corporate pressures
  • Understanding and reducing fleet emissions
  • How to authentically communicate corporate sustainability efforts
Green print webinar

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