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Connect your fuel cards to Fleetio

It's never been easier to manage your fleet's fuel expenses with Fleetio's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

Syncs daily

Transaction data from the pump is automatically sent to Fleetio. No more manual entry of fuel receipts or downloading and importing fuel transactions across systems.

Odometer readings, too

When drivers enter mileage at the pump, Fleetio uses that information to trigger service reminders. This time-saving approach helps you stay on top of maintenance and keeps your vehicles performing their best.

Smart fuel management

MPG and cost-per-mile are automatically calculated. Analyze your fuel spend from all angles - by vehicle, location, vehicle type, time frame.

"The fuel card integration with Fleetio allows us to get a clear picture of our total fleet costs, identify inefficient vehicles and keep all of our vehicle information in one convenient repository."

"Integrating our fuel cards lets us automatically collect odometer readings from drivers, which triggers preventative maintenance alerts in Fleetio and helps keep our fleet on the road."

"I would sum the overall fuel card integration up in one word: Seamless! Next thing I knew our fuel card transactions were automatically importing into Fleetio."

Fuel Card Partners


FLEETCOR provides producs such as FleetCards USA, Fuelman and Universal MasterCard.

Universal Fleet Mastercard Application


WEX Fleet Cards are accepted at more than 90% of U.S. fuel and service locations.

WEX Fleet Card Application

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