No More Paper Fuel Receipts. Ever.

Track, understand and optimize fuel expenditure without the hassle of paper

Monitoring fuel spend and usage is imperative to cost-effective fleet operations. Comprising one of the highest fleet operating costs, you can't afford to overlook its impact on your bottom line. Fleetio takes the headache out of fuel tracking and analysis and eliminates the need for paper receipts and spreadsheets. Fuel metrics and spend are easily accessible in Fleetio, helping you save time analyzing performance.

  • Efficient Data Logging

    Log data and upload receipts on the road through Fleetio Go. Fleetio even integrates with popular fuel cards to automate data collection and save you time.

  • Reduce Driver Burden

    Drivers simply enter the odometer reading, quantity and cost then upload their receipt in Fleetio Go. No more missing fuel receipts!

  • Actionable Data Insight

    Fleetio puts critical fleet metrics at your fingertips. Cost-per-mile, MPG, fuel costs per day and more.

Monitoring Fuel Usage

Monitor trends, spot deficiencies, optimize vehicle usage all through a simple, intuitive dashboard. Fleetio is designed to give you clear insight into critical fuel metrics such as cost per mile, mile per gallon and more.

  • Fuel Units

    Choose a unit of measurement for each vehicle in your fleet— MPG (US or UK), L/100km, km/L. Flexibility gives you fine-grained control over fuel measurement for international fleets.
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  • Fuel Economy

    Receive fuel economy data based on your preferred unit of measurement— MPG (US or UK), L/100km, km/L.

  • Price per mile

    Gain insight into how much a vehicle costs to operate per mile based on fuel costs.

  • Location Exceptions

    Receive alerts when fuel entries are logged at a different location than where a vehicle was fueled, helping to identify fuel theft.

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Logging Fuel Data

There are three powerful ways to log data in Fleetio and unlock the critical fuel metrics your fleet needs to gain insight into fuel consumption and optimize spend.

  • Empower Drivers

    Drivers easily log fuel and upload fuel receipts in Fleetio Go, our modern fleet manangement mobile app, saving them time and the hassle of keeping track of paper receipts.

  • Automated Fuel Entries

    Import entries from fuel cards automatically with Fleetio's integrations with Wex, Fleetcor and Comdata.

  • Import Fuel Entries

    Import a CSV of entries from another system or historical spreadsheet.

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Fuel Reporting

Take a deep-dive into fuel spend by vehicle type, location, and more. Export PDFs and share with management, keeping everyone in your fleet in the know.

  • Fuel Summary

    View all available fuel metrics such as cost per mile, total fuel cost and more for every vehicle in your fleet.

  • Fuel Entries by Vehicle

    Drill into vehicle-specific fuel data and analyize performance trends.

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