Fleetio Drive

Fleet GPS Tracking

Track driver location and behavior in real-time using
only smartphones. No hardware necessary.

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"Easy to use and set up. Great way to see where your fleet is at all times."

Brooke Wilson

Director of Operations, Dispatch


  • Automatic Trip Recording

    Detect trip starts & stops automatically and record routes using only a smartphone app.

  • Live Map

    Locate drivers in real-time on the web app. Find the nearest person to a specific address or location.

  • Trip History Reporting

    See all historical trips on a map and analyze driver statistics.

  • Geofence Alerts

    Save locations and see when drivers cross certain geofences.

  • Driver Profiles

    Create detailed contact profiles, store documents, create reminders and more.

  • Safety Scoring & Analytics

    Monitor safety events like speeding & phone usage.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?

Fleetio Drive measures driver behavior using only the sensors within your smartphone. This allows you to track and record behaviors like phone use, speeding, hard braking, sharp accelerations, length of time driving and more.

Do my drivers need to have smartphones?

Yes. Each driver in your fleet will need a smartphone to track their trips and driving behavior. Visit our Help Center to view a list of tested and recommended smartphones.

How secure is my data?

Your data and files are transmitted using SSL encryption both to and from your web browser (the same as online banks).

How will Fleetio Drive affect my phone’s battery life?

Fleetio Drive is optimized for minimum battery usage to allow drivers’ smartphones to continually track GPS location and behavior or be used for communication.

Does the app track where I am at all times?

No. Fleetio Drive tracks where you have been while the “drive detection” setting is turned on. Fleetio will not track your location or trips when “drive detection” is turned off or in the background.

How is it different from traditional hardware OBD solutions?

Driver-centric measurements. 90% of collisions result from human error. 30% result from phone use. While hardware solutions are limited to vehicle diagnostics, Fleetio Drive focuses on what’s most important: the driver.

Easier implementation. Unlike hardware solutions which need to be installed on each vehicle, Fleetio Drive can be installed in just seconds on a driver’s existing smartphone. No hardware needed.

Lower price. One of the largest benefits of not requiring hardware is the ability to keep prices affordable and flexible.

Request a free trial

Get instant access to a free trial of Fleetio Drive and begin tracking your first trip in just minutes.