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We know your job has challenges

Asset Downtime

Vehicle and equipment downtime causes project delays and potential failure to meet deadlines.

Employee Productivity

It’s difficult to know when your employees arrive to or leave a job site and with paper log forms it’s easy for them to pencil-whip.

Government Mandates

There are government safety mandates for heavy-duty equipment, and you must remain compliant to mitigate risks and avoid legal complications.

Lag Time

It is difficult to understand what is happening on-site when you are working remotely, and there is lag time between employees informing you of vehicle issues once identified.

Fleet software that automates construction fleet operations

Track Maintenance for Your Assets

Proactively maintain your vehicles, equipment and heavy-duty machinery with maintenance schedules and service reminders. Reduce downtime with instant workflows that immediately report issues to the right people.

Cut Fuel Costs & Avoid Theft

Automatically calculate fuel economy metrics so you can track your fleet’s fuel efficiency and improve driving habits. Integrate fuel cards and GPS tracking solutions to monitor fuel purchases and prevent fuel theft.

Ensure Compliance & Safety

Keep your workers safe and stay on top of government safety mandates with regular vehicle and equipment inspections. Customize electronic inspection forms for your fleet's specific needs and conduct mobile inspections in just minutes.

"I'm not sure what we would do without Fleetio at this point. Fleetio has allowed us to streamline our maintenance issues and decrease our costs across the board."

Bert B.


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