Fleet software for education fleets

Automate your fleet operations with Fleetio

We know your job has challenges

Aging Vehicles

Your aging fleet vehicles require more maintenance than most and it is important to keep vehicles safely operating.

Driver Safety

Keeping your drivers safe is a top priority, but can be difficult to monitor.

Risk & Liability

Safety and reducing risk is always key when transporting people, especially students, in fleet vehicles.

Shrinking Budgets

Fleet budgets are shrinking making it more difficult to properly maintain the vehicles, afford fuel expenses and procure new vehicles.

Better solutions for education fleets

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Stay on top of safety mandates with regular vehicle and equipment inspections. Customize electronic inspection forms for your fleet's specific needs.

Improve Safety

Gain visibility into the safety of your drivers’ behavior like phone usage, speeding and more with a driver scorecard.

Track Spending

Integrate your fuel card with Fleetio to easily monitor fuel use and reduce expenses. Link service history and maintenance costs to avoid being hoodwinked at the service shop.

"I would highly recommend Fleetio to anyone or any organization that is looking to maintain their vehicles on time and with record keeping accuracy. We have saved thousands of dollars because of this system."

Patrick Galloway

Service Manager, Kid One Transport

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