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Your job is no piece of cake

From cargo theft to vehicle downtime to transporting perishable food items across state lines—we know that keeping your fleet up and running (and on time) is complicated. Beyond managing your fleet, theft is a huge risk looming over your business.

Long Distance Routes

With a growing driving talent shortage combined with teams scattered across sprawled out regional routes, the day-to-day task of managing a fleet are time and labor intensive.

Costly Fuel Expenses

Fuel is among any food logistics fleet’s highest and most frequent expense.

Lack of Visibility

Paper-based vehicle inspections are a painful process. Drivers are often fatigued due to labor-intensive tasks associated with food logistics. This often results in a lack of detail surrounding regular, scheduled vehicle inspections.

Better solutions for food and beverage fleets

With Fleetio, you gain up-to-the-minute insights that help you master—not just manage—your food and beverage fleet.

Go Paperless

Manage your entire vehicle inspections workflow using Fleetio's web and mobile apps — saving you time, energy and money.

Mobilize Your Fleet

Gain real-time insights on your fleet’s activity from anywhere with our mobile app Fleetio Go. Drivers and other employees can input detailed fleet information (fuel records, issues, maintenance requests, etc.) while they are on the go.

Enhance Efficiency

Keep fuel expenses down by letting Fleetio do the heavy lifting. With GPS tracking integration, we track and monitor your fleet’s driving and navigation to help you improve route efficiency.

"Fleetio is extremely simple to use. I particularly like the dashboard feature that shows you what items are past due and what items will be due soon. This summary has really helped to speed up my weekly checks on our trucks."

Tony Brusco

Owner, Hometown Harvest

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