Fleet software for food & beverage fleets

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Your job is no piece of cake

Time-sensitive Deliveries

Vehicle breakdowns are not an option. Your deliveries must remain on schedule to ensure your items arrive in tip-top shape.

Poor Communication

Your drivers and vehicles are always on the move. It’s hard to keep tabs on where your drivers always are and the status of your vehicles.

Lack of Visibility

It’s difficult to keep your drivers accountable to properly inspect their vehicles while on the road.

Costly Fuel Expenses

Fuel is among any food and beverage logistics fleet’s highest and most frequent expense.

Better solutions for food and beverage fleets

Go Paperless

Adopt customizable, electronic inspections to reduce the time spent on paperwork and keep your drivers accountable.

Optimize Deliveries

Monitor your drivers’ locations in real-time to identify when they reach their destinations. Track delivery times and increase uptime with more efficient issue management.

Reduce Downtime

Get immediate notification of vehicle issues the moment they are identified. Resolve vehicle issues more efficiently.

"Fleetio enables folks who work day-to-day on the fleet to report when something is wrong. There is more accountability. We can create and track issue tickets and work orders for individual trucks. Using Fleetio, we are able to act more quickly and ensure fleet safety."

Justin Reece

Maintenance and Logistics Manager, The Whole Cart

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