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We know your job has challenges

Costly Fuel Expenses

Although your fleet may be involved in the energy industry, it requires fuel to function. Fuel expenses are high and unpredictable which affects operating costs.

Multiple Locations

Working in remote locations leads to outsourcing maintenance. Thus, it can be difficult to keep track of maintenance records outlining which vehicles were serviced and when.

Expensive Equipment

Equipment is costly to purchase and maintain, and it is difficult to identify underutilized assets.

Ensuring Precision

You need the correct materials to be delivered to the correct locations, and mistakes can cost you a job.

Fleetio automates oil, gas and mining fleet operations

Reduce Fuel Costs

Fleetio’s fuel management tools help you reduce fuel expenses and monitor use. Automatically calculate fuel economy metrics and track your fleet’s fuel efficiency to reduce fuel use and improve driving habits.

Track Maintenance History & Inventory

Fleetio allows you to log vehicle maintenance and quickly find the history for individual or multiple vehicles. You can also manage parts inventory to reduce unnecessary costs and optimize space.

Enhance Communication

With Fleetio, you can manage your entire fleet all in one place. We make it easy for you to share as much or as little fleet data with your drivers as you need. This enhances communication and helps prevent mistakes.

"The roads in Africa are very demanding on our vehicles. Fleetio allows us to easily keep track of the condition of our vehicles and schedule the servicing of our vehicles as they travel between multiple countries and multiple workshops. It also helps us keep track of the large amount of paperwork that is involved in having British vehicles based in Africa."

Ollie Blackwell

Fleet Manager, Safari Drive

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