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We know your job has challenges

Reliance on Vehicles

Your business relies on the ability to transport your service equipment and products to project sites.

Lengthy Inspections

Inspection forms can be time-consuming, and paper inspection forms can be lost in transition from drivers to fleet managers.

Costly Fuel Expenses

Monitoring and reducing fuel consumption is the most effective way to cut costs but can be difficult.

Limited Visibility

It is difficult to remain up-to-date on fleet vehicle statuses since drivers are traveling to multiple job sites throughout the day.

Fleetio automates service fleet operations

Reduce Asset Downtime

Fleetio Inspections can reduce time spent completing vehicle inspection forms by more than half and help identify vehicle issues before failure. The result? Your fleet vehicles spend more time on the road and less time in the shop!

Cut Fuel Costs & Avoid Theft

Fleetio automatically calculates fuel economy metrics. This allows you to track your fleet’s fuel efficiency to improve driving habits and reduce fuel use. Fleetio also allows fuel card and GPS tracking integrations to monitor fuel purchases and identify suspicious fuel transactions.

Access Fleet Data from Anywhere

Our native mobile app Fleetio Go allows you to manage your fleet and receive real-time updates anytime, anywhere. The app enables employees to access and update fleet information on the go, enhancing fleet ops team communication.

"In the past we have tried to manage our fleet ourselves, and we were constantly missing things! We started to look for tools to help us manage this, and we found Fleetio. We have been blown away by the quality of the product as well as the customer service!"

Wes Smetana

Executive Assistant, Get Spiffy, Inc.

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