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Your job has major roadblocks

Today’s transportation fleets are under a lot of pressure to keep things moving quickly, efficiently and safely. But many transportation fleets are restricted by tight budgets and heavy compliance stipulations.

Strict Budgets

Transportation fleet managers must often adhere to very strict budgets—especially those in the public sector. Managing fuel costs and minimizing operational inefficiencies are top concerns.

Outdated Solutions

Keeping vehicles on the road and in top condition represents a major challenge as well. Many of today’s transit companies are still navigating complex fleet management problems with outdated, legacy technology solutions.

Ensuring Compliance

Regulatory compliance also represents an ever-increasing challenge for transportation fleets. Maintaining a compliant transportation fleet comes with its own set of complexities and additional costs.

Better solutions for transportation fleets

Greater visibility into each driver’s day-to-day activities alleviates transportation fleet managers’ concerns around safety, compliance and cost effectiveness.

Track & Monitor Your Fleet

Use Fleetio to easily manage, track and monitor anything related to your vehicle assets (purchase/lease details, documents, photos, real cost per mile and more).

Master Maintenance

With Fleetio Inspections, you and your team of talented drivers can seamlessly perform vehicle inspections from anywhere—improving driver satisfaction and minimizing vehicle downtime. Also, create maintenance schedules and receive service reminders to proactively maintain your fleet.

Keep Fuel Expenses Down

Keep a close eye on fuel usage and expenditures while gaining real-time insights into any suspicious fuel spending activities.

"The roads in Africa are very demanding on our vehicles. Fleetio allows us to easily keep track of the condition of our vehicles and schedule the servicing of our vehicles as they travel between multiple countries and multiple workshops. It also helps us keep track of the large amount of paperwork that is involved in having British vehicles based in Africa."

Ollie Blackwell

Fleet Manager, Safari Drive

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