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Streamline fleet operations to maximize uptime

Reduce downtime and improve operations by managing your bus or transportation fleet with a centralized software solution. Fleetio increases asset visibility and allows you to track every aspect of your fleet from maintenance and inspections to utilization and costs.

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Increase the efficiency of your transport fleet

  • Manage all of your fleet data on a single platform

    Track every detail of your transportation fleet to maximize asset lifespan and reduce overall spending. With Fleetio, all of your fleet’s data is stored in easy-to-use software, allowing you to access the fleet information you need when you need it.

  • Stay connected with your drivers

    Eliminate communication bottlenecks and manage assets in real time. Assign drivers to vehicles, track odometer updates, receive digital inspection results (eDVIR) and more when you leverage transport management software.

  • Measure fleet success with configurable reports

    Analyze virtually any fleet metric on a granular level with Fleetio’s robust reporting capabilities. Automatically calculate total cost of ownership, forecast trends and make data-driven decisions to improve your fleet.


Effectively manage maintenance from start to finish

Whether you have a fleet of taxis, limos or buses, your fleet can’t afford unplanned downtime. Fleetio streamlines vehicle maintenance to get your vehicles out of the shop and back on their routes. Create and manage mobile work orders, track inventory levels, automate maintenance workflows and control spending with the help of fleet management software. Learn More

  • Create service reminders to improve preventive maintenance
  • Schedule and assign work orders
  • Manage repair approvals from anywhere
  • Automate inventory management to prevent stock-outs
  • Efficiently communicate with technicians and drivers
  • Record and monitor service history
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"A great system for our transport and engineering needs, helping us keep track of purchasing and performance."

Rob, United Kingdom

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Expedite vehicle inspections with a mobile app

Go paperless and conduct fast, thorough mobile inspections in the field. Fleetio’s mobile app enables fleets to maintain airtight compliance, secure the safety of your goods or passengers and identify issues quickly with tailored inspection forms. Receive real-time inspection results to jumpstart the maintenance process and address issues immediately. Learn More

  • Offline mobile access
  • Upload photos and comments
  • Mobile reminders
  • Compliance
  • Data consistency - odometer entries
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Extend the value of your data by integrating current systems

Fleetio seamlessly integrates with other fleet technology, like telematics devices and fuel cards, allowing you to automate processes and capture all fleet data in one place. Track fuel expenses, improve asset visibility and manage outsourced maintenance. Learn More

  • Fuel cards
  • GPS and telematics
  • Maintenance Shop Integration
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See the whole picture

Leverage seamless integrations from top industry partners to automate fleet operations processes and centralize your data.

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