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Reduce downtime and improve operations by managing your bus or transportation fleet with a centralized software solution. Fleetio increases asset visibility and allows you to track every aspect of your fleet from maintenance and inspections to utilization and costs.

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Male 1
Clark G.
Black and White Transportation
Very robust platform - covers all of our needs - at a fair price.
Male 2
Robert J.
Kayak Public Transit
Fleetio is our first fleet maintenance software program. Before that, everything was done manually. We now have the ability to efficiently record, track and report on vehicle maintenance and operating activities, parts inventory, and just about every other facet of our business.
Male 3
Ahmad T.
SunCity Express
Fleetio is hands down the most user friendly software on the market. I was able to login and immediately start using it for our business. It only took us a few days to get the entire company setup and up to speed with the application. 
Female 1
Tasha B.
HTS Ameritek
Unlimited users and accessible via web/mobile, mass imports to make the transition easier, fuel card/GPS integration and customer service has been impeccable!
Male 4
Scott R.
The Connell Company
My favorite thing about Fleetio is that they are always working on improving their product. There always seems to be a new tutorial, or newsletter,  or feature for the product. Their pride in producing a quality software experience for the end user is evident in all they do.
Male 5
Umair T.
Eshai Corp
A lot of features are very easy for you. It helps me keep track and maintain about 1,800 vehicles in my fleet and also communicate with my whole field team with ease.
Male 6
Jonathan L.
The Fleetio Team was very helpful when I wanted to use their product.  My company is utilizing the platform for a very new concept, and the sales and service team at Fleetio listened to our product needs, and worked around our new start-up complications to ensure maximum effectiveness at launch.
Male 7
Morgan L.
Asset Solution Recovery
Everything. The inspection function is top notch and easily customized per vehicle. The fuel tracking is great and easy to use really helps to determine your cost for operating a asset in seconds 
The parking spot bus

"Having all this vehicle information in one location is very desirable to us. We can have a smaller group of people look at compliance requirements and pool information much faster."

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Kevin Richardson, VP of Operations
The Parking Spot

Atlas air

"Switching to Fleetio solved all of these problems and more that we were not even aware of."

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Greg Lehmann, Sr. Vehicles and Group Support Equipment Manager
Atlas Air

Industry report

Track your transportation fleet’s critical data from anywhere

Enhance efficiencies across your entire transportation fleet operation by managing all of your fleet data in a single platform, staying informed and connected to your drivers at all times and measuring success with configurable reporting. 

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Preventative maintenance

Manage your entire preventive maintenance workflow

Downtime is not an option for your transportation fleet. Tailor your maintenance workflow to fit your unique mobile assets. Lengthen asset lifespan by leveraging preventative maintenance schedules, digital work orders and tracking results to expedite the maintenance process and lower costs.

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Transportation Integrations

See the whole picture

Leverage seamless integrations from top industry partners to automate fleet operations processes and centralize your data.

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