Fleet software for transportation fleets

Automate your fleet operations with Fleetio

Your job has major roadblocks

Strict Budgets

You must often adhere to very strict budgets—especially those in the public sector. Managing fuel costs and minimizing operational inefficiencies are top concerns.

Ensuring Compliance

Maintaining a compliant transportation fleet comes with its own set of complexities and additional costs.

Outdated Solutions

Legacy technology solutions are unable to keep up with the vast demands of your modern fleet.

Better solutions for transportation fleets

Master Maintenance

Seamlessly perform customized vehicle inspections from anywhere. Create maintenance schedules and receive service reminders to proactively maintain your fleet.

Control Fuel Expenses

Keep a close eye on fuel usage and expenditures. Get real-time insights into any suspicious fuel spending activities.

Track and Monitor Your Drivers

Know where your drivers are located anywhere, anytime. Monitor their location on a map in real-time.

"This program allows us to easily track maintenance and repairs needed for our growing fleet. I especially like how our different departments can seamlessly communicate issues with the fleet to our maintenance department and get them addressed quickly without falling through the cracks."

Kyle G.

Club Manager

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