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Weighing in on your job's biggest challenges

Commercial fleets are confronted with some serious challenges. From keeping over-the-road (OTR) drivers happy and safe to managing fuel costs and inspection records, there are a lot of complex moving parts to manage.

Costly Expenses

Reducing fleet costs is among the top challenges commercial fleet managers face. This includes everything from managing fuel costs and fuel efficiency to maintenance requests on long-distance driving routes.

Inspections & Maintenance

Ensuring commercial fleet vehicles are properly inspected and maintained while spread out across long distances represents another major challenge.

Lack of Visibility

Ensuring all vehicles are safe, compliant and properly maintained can be difficult when fleet vehicles are constantly on the move covering long distances.

Low Productivity

Consistent productivity is a significant bottleneck for commercial fleet managers and can be improved through better methods of communication and data recording.

Bigger and better solutions for trucking fleets

Gain the right insights from your trucking fleet at precisely the right time so you can make the smartest decisions possible.

Control Fuel Costs

Get real-time visibility into fuel spending inefficiencies. With Fleetio, you can track, monitor and optimize fuel spending, while making sure all of your fuel expenses are on target.

Enhance Productivity

With Fleetio, you can gain real-time visibility into your drivers' day-to-day activities so you can correct course as needed to keep your drivers safe and on-the-move.

Mobilize Your Fleet

Simplify your inspections and maintenance processes with Fleetio’s mobile apps like Fleetio Parts and Fleetio Go. Perform vehicle inspections and handle maintenance requests from anywhere.

"Since Fleetio is web-based, anyone on our team can access vehicle records at any time, all in one place."

Kristal Herr

Capital Asset Operations Manager, Canadian Utility Construction

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