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Weighing in on your job's biggest challenges

Costly Expenses

Reducing fleet costs is among the top challenges commercial fleet managers face. This includes everything from managing fuel costs and fuel efficiency to maintenance requests on long-distance driving routes.

Inspections & Maintenance

Ensuring commercial fleet vehicles are properly inspected and maintained while spread out across long distances represents another major challenge.

Lack of Visibility

Ensuring all vehicles are safe, compliant and properly maintained can be difficult when fleet vehicles are constantly on the move covering long distances.

Low Productivity

Consistent productivity is a significant bottleneck for commercial fleet managers and can be improved through better methods of communication and data recording.

Bigger and better solutions for trucking fleets

Mobilize Your Fleet

Enable your drivers to conduct vehicle inspections and handle maintenance requests from anywhere with Fleetio’s mobile apps like Fleetio Go and Fleetio Parts.

Control Fuel Costs

Get real-time visibility into fuel spending inefficiencies. Integrate fuel cards to track, monitor and optimize fuel spending, while making sure all of your fuel expenses are on target.

Track Drivers in Real-time

Gain visibility into the current location of all your drivers on a live map to keep tabs on fleet status and productivity.

"Now that our truck operators input vehicle issues directly to the Fleetio system with vehicle inspections, our shop sees the issue that day and schedules the work for that weekend. Efficiency is way better now that we have been running this fleet maintenance software."

Kenny S.

VP of Operations

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