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Your job has a lot of moving parts

As vehicle leasing grows in popularity, managing these assets grows more complicated every day. Without the right tools in place, managing these ever-changing assets can seem near impossible.

Lack of Visibility

Many solutions lack true mobile capabilities that allow real-time visibility into daily driver activities. This forces fleet managers to lag behind with maintenance requests, breakdown repairs and vehicle inspections.

Compliance Issues

Compliance adds another layer of difficulty. Without proper fleet management tools in place, fleet managers must work with inaccurate data. Without the right data, avoiding hefty fines and violations can prove challenging.

Better solutions for vehicle leasing fleets

Working with the right data equips you to make the right decisions at precisely the right time. With Fleetio, you get to rest easy knowing that you are in control of the chaotic processes surrounding your fleet of leasable vehicles.

Go Mobile

With Fleetio Inspections, you and your team of talented drivers can seamlessly perform vehicle inspections from anywhere—improving driver satisfaction and minimizing vehicle downtime.

Track Your Fleet in Real Time

Use Fleetio to easily manage, track and monitor anything related to your vehicle assets (purchase/lease details, documents, photos, gain insight into real cost per mile and much more).

Monitor Fuel Costs

Keep a close eye on fuel usage and expenditures while gaining real-time insights into any suspicious fuel-related spending activities.

"Fleetio helps us keep up with service mileages better than before. Because of the regularity of servicing, major problems have been at a minimum. We no longer have extremely costly repairs because our vehicles are serviced in a timely manner. In return, we have saved thousands of dollars because of this system."

Patrick Galloway

Service Manager, Kid One Transport

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