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We know your job has challenges

Costly Expenses

Fuel expenses are high and unpredictable.

Lack of Visibility

It is difficult to track vehicle maintenance and time technicians spend on the vehicles.

Poor Communication

There is poor communication among team members which often results in lost data.

Compliance Violations

Keeping up with compliance can be stressful, and violation fees are steep.

Fleetio automates waste management fleet operations

Reduce Fuel Costs

Our fuel management tools help you monitor your fleet’s fuel use and reduce expenses. Fleetio automatically calculates your fuel economy metrics and allows fuel card integration to track fuel transactions instantly.

Ensure Compliance

Our customizable, electronic inspection forms enable you to remain on top of all required compliance. With our Inspections app, you can tailor inspection forms to meet your fleet's specific needs and regulations all while saving time!

Master Maintenance

Using actual vehicle utilization, Fleetio will forecast service schedules to improve your fleet’s budgeting and maintenance planning. Our service reminders and vehicle maintenance logs enable you to stay proactive.

"Since Fleetio is web-based, anyone on our team can access vehicle records at any time, all in one place."

Kristal Herr

Capital Asset Operations Manager, Canadian Utility Construction

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