Parts & Inventory— Built to Scale

Whether you manage inventory in-house or just want to keep track of parts usage on your vehicles, Fleetio keeps track of it all.

An effective parts and inventory management system is essential for controlling fleet maintenance and operations costs. With spare parts and inventory comprising 30-35% of maintenance costs, controlling quantities and anticipating needs based on your preventative maintenance schedule ensures better vehicle uptime and quicker service management.

  • Avoid Part Stock Outs & Vehicle Downtime

    Track quantities, parts usage and receive reorder notifications to ensure you always have the right parts on-hand to keep your vehicles on the road.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Costs

    Properly manage inventory quantities and locations to avoid purchasing and/or storing unnecessary parts. Even compare historical vendor prices to make better purchasing decisions.

  • Mobile Parts Management

    Whether you manage inventory in-house or just want to keep track of parts usage on your vehicles, Fleetio Invetory is flexible.

Inventory Management

For in-house storage of (stock, warehouse items) parts, tools, safety equipment. Know the exact location (both geographically and on-site) down to the aisle, bin and row # of every part. Since you can update quantities on the move with Fleetio Go and get alerted to low stock, you can ensure you always have just the right number of parts on hand.

  • Set re-order quantities - set a re-order point for individual part types and be notified of low stock levels.

  • Low stock alerts - Email alerts for parts that dip below their set re-order point are delivered to your inbox daily.

  • Multiple locations and parts transfer - Manage and transfer parts across all business locations ensuring parts are always where they need to be.

  • Precise location - Aisle, row, bin#

  • Work order assignment - view parts costs along with labor in work order summaries.

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Parts Database

Streamline inventory management. Quickly add parts and customize how you store and manage parts information. With your parts data all in one place and the ability to update quantities and locations from anywhere, you’ll always have up-to-date inventory.

  • Manage all parts - Use inventory tracking to avoid purchasing and/or storing unnecessary parts and avoid tying dollars up in inventory.

  • Automate workflows

  • Import parts

  • Reporting

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Fleetio Parts

Fleetio Parts helps fleets stay on top of their inventory through a simple, easy-to-use native mobile app. Make on-hand adjustments quickly and easily from anywhere.

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Streamline the process of ordering and purchasing fleet supplies. Create restock orders from inventory alerts, control purchases with approval workflows and get visibility into purchasing history with Fleetio's electronic PO system.

  • Approval Workflows

  • Vendor Management

  • Inventory & Purchase Orders

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