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Fleetio Cookie Policy

Last updated: 2024-01-11

Like many websites, we use "cookies" to collect information. A cookie is a small data file that we transfer to your computer's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies as the default setting. For example, we use cookies to enable you to use the Service without re-entering your username if you select to use the "Remember Me" functionality. A "web beacon" is an electronic image that is embedded in a web page. We use "web beacons" to count visits and compile statistics on usage or in our emails to tell if an email has been opened or acted upon.

We have also included information about cookies set by third parties. Given that these relate to third party services, we cannot guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the list, but we can say that we have done our best to ensure the list is as accurate as possible at the time this Policy was prepared. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you consult the third party websites listed in the cookie descriptions to find out more about the third party cookies in question.

Cookies set by Fleetio

id: This cookie provides a temporary identifier so that we can track unique users across different requests.

rememberMe: This is a cookie which allows you to return to without having to type in your username/password combination again.

_fleetio_reports_distance_unit, _fleetio_reports_volume_unit, mp, nav_state: This cookie is used to keep track of a user's preferences.

_fleetio_session: This cookie is used to keep track of a user's session, so that they can remain logged in.

Cookies set by third parties

identify, ajs_anonymous_id, ajs_user_id, ajs_group_id, seg_xid, seg_xid_fd, seg_xid_ts: Cookies set by Segment. We use Segment to gain deeper understanding of how visitors and users engage with our service. You can find more information about Segment's privacy policy here:

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmv, __utmz, _ga: Cookies set by Google Analytics, which is a service we use to gain a better understanding of how people use our service. You can read more about Google's privacy policy here:

__distillery, muxData: Cookies set by Wistia, a video player, to keep track of videos and video playback locations. You can find more information about Wistia's privacy policy here:

_hp2_id: Cookie set by Heap Analytics to capture customer touchpoints. You can find more information about Heap Analytics' privacy policy here:

fs_intercom, fs_uid: Cookies set by Full Story to record user experiences, allowing us to improve user experience of our product. You can find more information about Full Story's privacy policy here:

_mkto_trk: Cookies set by Munchkin. An anonymous lead record is created when a user first visits the site.

sbjs_current, sbjs_current_add, sbjs_first, sbjs_first_add, sbjs_session, sbjs_udata, sbjs_promo: Cookies set by Sourcebuster. We use Sourcebuster to track the sources of our web traffic.

Datadome: Cookies set by Datadome. We use Datadome for Bot Detection and Management.

We recommend that you review your browser's privacy settings and adjust them accordingly if you wish to deny cookies from any sites.