Take Back Control of Your Maintenance Operations

Fleetio helps teams minimize asset downtime through a mobile, collaborative maintenance process. You'll never miss those paper forms and file cabinets.

Why is Maintenance Management Better with Fleetio?

  • Mobile Maintenance Management

    Manage your fleet from anywhere. Fleetio Go, our modern fleet management mobile app allows you to log issues, maintenance tasks, conduct inspections and more on the go.

  • Your Partner in Preventative Maintenance

    Schedule regular service tasks, reminders and alerts to help you stay on top of planned maintenance and minimize downtime.

  • Collaboration & Issue Resolution

    Take action on issues as soon as they arise. Because defects can be logged instantly, you empower your mechanics to address them immediately.

Preventative Maintenance Scheduling

Unexpected maintenance and service costs can cripple fleet operations and drastically increase cost of repair. Proactively stay on top of periodic maintenance tasks for every vehicle. Schedule and receive alerts for maintenence and renewal tasks. Fleetio can even predict when service will be due based on actual vehicle utilization.


Ensure the safety and compliance of your fleet with Fleetio's modern, electronic alternative to paper-based vehicle inspection forms. Create vehicle inspection checklists for your fleet and have drivers submit inspection reports using Fleetio Go.

Issues & Defect Reporting

Empower your fleet to report defects on the spot. When issues are reported right away, maintenance can be scheduled quickly and issues resolved swiftly.

Work Orders and Maintenance Logging

Increase visibility into service needs and reduce time spent managing them. Understand cost of service as part of an asset’s operating expense and lifecycle.

Maintenance Reports

Powerful maintenance history for every asset. Never hunt down another paper report.

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