Asset Data Management for Fleets

Collaborative Data Management

Manage every detail for every asset in your fleet

Real-time Cost per Mile

Improve your return on investment with a real-time vehicle management system that tracks cost per mile (or kilometer or hour).

VIN Decoding

Instantly decode 90+ specs with our VIN Decoder, allowing you to scale the management of maintenance schedules and utility specs as your fleet grows or you replace assets.

Engine & Transmission
Wheels & Tires
Fuel Tanks & Fluids

Custom Fields

Custom fields are everywhere in Fleetio. Flexible by nature, custom fields allow you to incorporate fleet-specific information with your assets via custom attributes.

Documents & Photos

Fleetio replaces bulky file cabinets. Associate documents and photos such as manuals, titles, insurance documents, leases and more.

Notes & Comments

Never lose another Post It note. Every comment or note is accessible in Fleetio, available to anyone who needs it.

Permissions & Roles

Fine-grained control over who in your fleet can manage specific items such as vehicle details, inspections and more. Designate permissions-based roles, even groups to enable everyone to contribute in their own way.

Status & Assignment History

See who was assigned a vehicle, when and their usage during assignment. Fleetio automatically tracks each status change and lets you see how long a vehicle was in each status.

Multiple Meters

Leverage a primary meter and optional secondary meter and increase your flexibility to track miles, kilometers or hours or automatically pull meters from GPS Integrations.

Quick Search

Easily search for an asset by name or use Fleetio's barcode scanning feature to quickly locate assets and manage details.

Link Assets

Linking vehicles makes it easy to see how equipment, trailers or other assets are associated with each other.

Import/Export Data

Update data in bulk using a spreadsheet and import the data to update existing assets. Fleetio makes it easy with step-by-step instructions.

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