Issue Reporting for Fleets

Issue Reporting

Log defects in Fleetio and enable technicians to take action on issues immediately

Issue reporting is a major painpoint for fleets. Relying on verbal or paper reporting leaves something to be desired. Issues can reported long after a defect has been observed and often don't provide enough detail. Not to mention there's usually not a visible paper trail from defect report to service to resolution. Fleetio enables everyone in your fleet to report issues immediately upon observation through Fleetio Go and technicians can assign issues to service entries or work orders for immediate attention, minimizing vehicle downtime.

Mobile Defect Reporting

Empower your fleet to report defects on the spot through Fleetio Go and quickly schedule maintenance helping to resolve issues swiftly. Drivers can upload photos and add comments, providing technicians with the right information to get the job done.

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Automated Issue Reporting from Inspections

Create workflows for failed inspection items so issues are immediately logged and the proper people are notified. Learn more.

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Powerful Issue Reporting Criteria

Issue reporting in Fleetio provides mechanics with the information they need to address issues efficiently.

Due Date Management

Manage issue resolution priority based on due date, primary or secondary odometer entry helping mechanics see which items need to be addressed first.

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