Unlimited Users

Enable everyone in your fleet to contribute to its success

Grant levels of access based on roles within your fleet

Role-based permissions allow you to control how much a person can see, edit and create based on their job function.

  • Give administrators greater access

    Fleet administrators have full access to manage all assets but can be given select permissions for features like billing management and User management.

  • Manager-level control

    Give your Managers access to only the specific assets or groups of assets they work with daily. Managers can update odometer readings, manage service entries, issues, documents and more.

  • Viewer access

    Allow specific Users to view specific data in Fleetio but prevent them from being able to create or edit records.

  • Notifications-only

    Ensure the right people receive renewal reminders and service reminders without giving them access to Fleetio.

Turn specific persmissions on and off for individuals

Give select access to additional features and modules on an individual basis, giving you fine-grained control over who can access and edit various types of fleet data.

25+ User permissions allow you to:

Control administrator access to critical account data such as Purchase Order creation and approval, fleet Contact records and more.

Allow different Managers access to different vehicle management activities such as fuel entry management and work order management based on need.

Select mechanics and technicians for maintenance task assignments and logging.

Grant access to data management tasks such as editing fuel entries and work orders.

And more!

Fleetio Manage

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