Work Orders

All-in-one maintenance tracking with detailed cost of service

Plan, schedule and carry out
detailed maintenance tasks and costs

Work Orders provide fleets with an efficient way to track work completed, parts used and understand cost of service as a part of an asset's operating expense and lifecycle.

Create Work Orders directly from reported issues

Issues can be reported in Fleetio manually, from failed Inspection items and created from DTC alerts. Quickly add them to a new or active work order then assign to the appropriate mechanic, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Manage detailed service needs for every asset

Keep track of the what, where, when and who associated with service needs. Work orders can be assigned to individuals or vendors, and detailed comments and photos can be added to provide color to the issue needing service.

Maintenance assignments
Vendor assignments
Photos and comments
External tracking
Detailed parts & task line items
Parts & labor subtotals
External Work Order tracking
Custom fields

One-click Work Order Report

See an asset's entire Work Order history in one convenient report allowing you to view details, dates and costs all in one place.

"This program allowed us to easily track maintenance and repairs needed for our growing fleet. I especially like how our different departments can seamlessly communicate issues with the fleet to our maintenance department and get them addressed quickly without falling through the cracks."

Kyle, Florida


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