Eliminate Manual Data Entry of Service Records

Automatically record service data in Fleetio from the repair shop's point of sale, electronically approve repair orders and get one bill including all your fleet maintenance vendors.

Automatically pull data into Fleetio from over   maintenance providers

Our Maintenance Provider Network includes trusted national providers and over 20k independent shops in the U.S. to help you automate external repair order management and approvals.

...adding new shops daily!

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  • No manual data entry

    Never input service records manually again! Automatically record service data in Fleetio from the repair shop's point of sale and get operators in and out of shops quickly with electronic authorization for work.

  • Get a single, consolidated bill

    Reconciliation is easy when all service work is consolidated into a single bill, including all your maintenance vendors. Confirm transactions and authorize payment with one click.

  • Save on service

    Get national account pricing and exclusive discounts on service from our large network of national and regional maintenance shops in the U.S. like Firestone and PepBoys.


Automatically record service data in Fleetio from the repair shop's point of sale

When drivers visit a maintenance shop, work performed and itemized costs from their point of sale system are automatically recorded in Fleetio. Never enter service records manually again!

  • Reduce error and save time by eliminating manual data entry
  • Get drivers back on the road faster with more efficient shop visits
  • Never second guess work performed or service costs
  • Analyze maintenance spend with detailed reports

Reduce downtime by authorizing maintenance work electronically

Get drivers out of the shop and back on the road quickly by electronically approving maintenance work with your shop in seconds.

  • Set rules to approve service automatically or get approval request notifications
  • Fine-tune approvals by service code, shop, costs and more
  • Avoid vehicle downtime
  • Get drivers in and out of maintenance shops quickly
  • Set approval permissions for fleet managers and admins

Improve purchasing efficiency and get a single statement from all your shops

Get a single, centralized invoice for all maintenance work performed (including all your vendors), eliminating hours of tedious back office work.

  • Receive a single, consolidated bill including all maintenance vendors
  • Stay in good standing with shops (automatic payment within 48 business hours)
  • Guarantee security on all transactions

Reduce maintenance costs with exclusive discounts for Fleetio customers

Get national account pricing and exclusive discounts on service and parts from our large network of national, regional and independent service shops like Firestone and Jiffy Lube.

  • Save on service with hundreds of shops across the U.S.
  • Leverage Fleetio's service provider network with shops for fleets both large and small
  • Sign up your fleet's favorite shop as a Fleetio Preferred Vendor if it's not already in our network

Our maintenance shop integration is completely free for all
Fleetio Manage Pro and Advanced plan customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee? Any additional cost to me?

There is no additional cost (outside of your current Fleetio subscription) to use this. Shops pay a transaction fee (similar to a credit card fee) which allows us to provide this service to you for free.

How do I know if my shops participate?

We work with many national providers and over 200k independent shops. Get in touch to see if your favorite shops are part of the network.

How do the auto-approvals work? Do I have control over that?

You have complete control over approvals (and rejections) by line item.

You can set rules based on a specific provider, cost, or service code (i.e. always approve oil changes at Jiffy Lube or always approve services under $100). You can also auto-reject certain items that you never want done by a shop.

What happens if a service tasks doesn't fit my rules for auto-approval?
Fleetio will notify you of line items needing your approval via email. From there, you can "approve" or "reject" individual line items, add notes and see notes from the shop. The system then automatically notifies the shop of your decision without a single phone call.
If I reject something does it stop the whole repair order?

No. Approvals and rejections are done at the line item level and shops can only get paid for what you've approved.

So I get one monthly bill, how does that work?

Fleetio works with CB Charge (think of it like a fleet charge account) to consolidate all repair orders for your vehicles for shops in the Fleetio Maintenance Provider Network.

You recieve a monthly statement that you can quickly reconcile with a report in Fleetio.

You then have 30 days to pay the balance.

How does the shop link the repair order to Fleetio?

Fleetio uses a platform called Auto Integrate to facilitate electronic repair order approvals and data.

Drivers identify themselves with ID cards (printed or through the Fleetio Go mobile app) upon entering the shop.

The shop will create a repair order in Auto Integrate with information from the ID card so that work is automatically recorded in Fleetio upon completion.

I already receive national pricing discounts through some of these providers, is what you're offering better?
We can look up pricing schedules for you with any national providers we are working with. In some cases they are the same as their standard fleet account pricing and in some cases they are better.
How often are completed service records brought into Fleetio?

Questions? Give us a call!