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Silver Launch Pack

Get virtual training and hands-on implementation assistance for intermediate to advanced implementation of Fleetio.

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Included in the Silver Launch Pack

The Silver Launch Pack was designed for fleets of any size that manage more complex fleet operations or need assistance with data entry.

Fl training services
12 hours of virtual training services

Based on your specific needs, we’ll deliver virtual training to relevant team members.

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4 hours of hands-on data assistance

Data importing can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help. We’ll import your data to ensure everything is set up properly.

Fl customer success
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Your Customer Success Manager will work closely with your team to understand and meet your goals.

Fl optimize team
Customized implementation plan

A succesful implementation starts with a customized plan based on your specific needs and goals.

Fl core track
3 Core Tracks of your choice

To ensure you master key areas of Fleetio that match your needs, you’ll get three Core Tracks with your plan.

Fl track discount
Discounts on additional services Tracks

Because three Core Tracks may not cover it, you’ll also get discounts on additional Tracks of interest.

Choose 3 Core Tracks

Want to master certain areas of Fleetio? With the Silver Launch Pack, three specialized training tracks are included in your onboarding package. Choose the ones that best fit your fleet.

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Managing Maintenance and Issues

Learn how to master the full maintenance process in Fleetio from proactive and reactive triggers to resolution and reporting.

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Managing In-house Maintenance and Inventory

Explore everything from work orders to parts/inventory management and purchase orders for all your shop needs.

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Creating and Implementing Inspection Forms

Explore everything from building custom DVIR forms to setting up schedules and ensuring drivers accurately perform mobile inspections.

Fl fuel
Optimizing Fuel Tracking and Expenses

Whether you’re using fuel cards or importing transactions, we’ll get you set up to understand your largest expense, fuel.

Fl dashboard
Managing External Service

Tackle set up and master the automated process of our Maintenance Shop Integration to streamline third-party approvals and billing.

Fl widgets
Tracking Asset Expenses

Learn how to manage all asset expenses from cradle to grave in Fleetio from loan/lease to parking violations.

Set Your Team Up for Success

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