Fleet Management

Increase profitability with all-in-one fleet management software

Fleetio replaces spreadsheets and paper filing cabinets, keeping all your fleet data in one digital location. Built to scale, our software flexes around your organization to help you glean insight from the different operational groups and departments necessary to fully optimize fleet operations.

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Vehicle Management

Track anything and everything that affects your mobile assets

Asset details
Keep important vehicle details in one place

Store everything— license and registration renewal reminders, warranty info, loan/lease data, telematics data, group/location, important documents, notes and more. Pull in 90+ vehicle specs automatically using our VIN decoder.

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Plan and optimize asset utilization

The fastest way to schedule vehicles and drivers. Assign vehicles and equipment with an intuitive drag n’ drop assignment calendar. See which assets are available or scheduled at any time.

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View a complete “paper trail” of activities for every asset

Fleetio keeps a record of every activity related to an asset. Track assignment and location history, in-house and outsourced maintenance activities, fuel and expense transactions and more for your assets, all without the hassle of spreadsheets.

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Vehicle Lifecycle Management

Make data-driven decisions about vehicle acquisition and replacement

Expense management
Understand the true cost of owning and operating your vehicles

Report on all expenses and operating costs to get the full financial picture of vehicle ownership and ensure your assets remain profitable.

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Optimize vehicle cycling based on individual asset trends

No vehicle is the same, so why would your replacement policies be? Track the cost of each vehicle in real-time so you can properly respond to changing market conditions and unpredictable wear and tear.

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Track every vehicle expense

From loan and lease payments to oil changes, tolls and parking violations, easily keep chronological records of asset expenses.

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Reporting & Dashboards

Keep your entire organization focused on what matters with custom, sharable reports

Stay informed in real time

View exceptions and your most important metrics at-a-glance on an intuitive fleet dashboard. Customize data visualization and drill down into any metric to see detailed reporting.

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Data insight at your fingertips

View simple, intuitive fleet reports on everything from cost per mile/km metrics to maintenance trends and downtime. With your data all in one system, reporting stays timely, accurate and actionable.

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Keep your entire organization in-the-know

Generate reports in seconds or subscribe to and schedule reports to send to stakeholders on a schedule keeping everyone in the loop.

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