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Fleetio Manage

Control the chaos of fleet operations with Fleetio Manage, the all-in-one fleet management software for fleets of all sizes.

Manage Your Vehicles

Vehicle profiles

Store comprehensive vehicle information, stats, documents and photos.

Vehicle quick search

Find any asset in seconds by searching key terms.

Archived vehicles

Access vehicle information after disposal.

Vehicle documents

Store important records attached to your vehicle profiles.

Vehicle photos

Log vehicle damage, upgrades and more.

Vehicle comments

Take notes and open a dialogue about everything that happens in your fleet.

Link vehicles

Easily associate vehicles with other assets such as trailers and equipment.

Auxiliary meters

Track a secondary meter for equipment linked to a vehicle profile.

Renewal reminders

Get notifications for tags, licenses and insurance renewals.

Accident documentation

Store images and include a full description of vehicle damage.


Set reminders for routine inspections with full compliance documentation.

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VIN decoding

Instantly populate all vehicle details and specs with our VIN Decoder.

Assigment scheduling

Create and manage all vehicle assignments from one calendar.

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Location history

See the last known location of a vehicle based on fuel entries, service and more.

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Activity history

See who created and edited specific vehicle-related records and when.

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Improve Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance Shop Integration

Electronically approve repair orders, log them automatically and get one monthly vendor bill.

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PM scheduling

Schedule reminders for all preventative maintenance.

Service reminders

Get email alerts for scheduled maintenance.

Issues reporting

Be alerted immediately whenever a repair is needed.

Vendor overview

Keep tabs on where your money is being spent.

Repair tracking

Report vehicle problems from anywhere and monitor repair progress.

Work orders

Manage your shop with detailed work orders.

Labor summary

See how your mechanics manage their time.

Part usage

Store part details and track part allocation for work done on your vehicles. Manage quanities and part locations from anywhere with the Fleetio Parts app.

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Inventory management

Update quantities and get alerts to stock the right parts and reduce costs.

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Maintenance history

Store all repair and routine service information in one place.

Service entries

Document vehicle service line items, expenses and receipts.

Predictive maintenance

Forecast service schedules based on actual vehicle utilization.

Purchase orders

Create and approve detailed POs for parts and work orders.

Invoice and receipt storage

Attach documents and images so you always know where to find them.

Manage Drivers

Driver scheduling

Assign vehicles and inspections to drivers and track assignment history.

Employee profiles

Store useful information on drivers and other employees.

Driver renewals

Get alerts for licenses, certifications and other renewals.

Control access

Fine-tune permissions so drivers only have access to relevant assets and features.

Increase Effectiveness

Real-time cost per mile

Get insight into your exact operating costs per vehicle.

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Fuel efficiency

Automatically calculate fuel stats for your vehicles.


Analyze comprehensive reporting with a wide array of options.

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See a quick overview of daily responsibilities and up-to-date expenses.

Issue Resolution

Receive instant alerts to failed inspection items. Take action immediately.

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Vehicle Assigment Calendar

Manage vehicle assignments more efficiently with an intuitive calendar-based scheduling tool.

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Automate repair order approval

Great business rules and workflows to automatically approve routine repairs from third parties.

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Make Fleet Management Easy

Unlimited users

Customize user roles and dial-in specific permissions for everyone in your fleet.

Email notifications

Get timely alerts sent directly to your inbox.

Bulk data imports

Quickly update your records with our spreadsheet import option.

Custom fields

Meet the specific needs of your fleet by creating and organizing custom fields.

Fuel card integration

Automatically import data from your fuel cards.

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Mobile access

Manage your fleet from anywhere using your phone or tablet.

Telematics integration

Get odometer updates, DTC handling and more with seamless integrations from our telematics partners.

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iPhone & Android apps

Increase productivity with free apps like Fleetio Go and Fleetio Parts.

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Consolidated billing

Receive and pay one monthly bill for all your external maintenance shops.

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API integration

Use Fleetio data in third-party software applications.

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Safety & Compliance

Schedule and conduct inspections from your mobile device.

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Geofence alerts

Receive alerts when vehicles enter or exit the area around a place of interest— customer addresses, job sites, etc.

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Fleetio Drive

Automatically track your drivers and monitor their safety using iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Track Fleet Movements

No hardware

GPS fleet tracking using iPhone and Android smartphones.

Trip tracking app

Automatically track trips from driver smartphones using the Fleetio Go mobile app.

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Real-time Tracking

See the real-time location of active drivers.

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Interactive Live Map

Follow moving drivers in real-time and view stopped drivers on a live map.

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Route Tracking

Track when and where drivers went and route driven. See how your drivers spend their time.

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Geofence alerts

Get immediate notifcations when drivers enter or leave certain places.

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Quickly identify most-traveled roads and areas with driving history heatmap overlays.

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Saved places

Track driver arrivals and departures at important locations and customer addresses.

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Business Hours

Track drivers automatically according to set business hours or schedules.

Trip History

View a map of all routes driven in a given day or select time period. Quickly see driver activity.

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Filterable, exportable trip and driver status reports

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Improve Driving Safety

Track risky behavior

Monitor phone usage, speeding, aggressive acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering and accidents.

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Easy-to-understand scorecards based on individual driver safety.

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Rank your drivers based on performance over select time periods and monitor improvement over time.

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Save on insurance

Unlock potential insurance savings by accessing our portfolio of safety-minded insurers.

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