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Jan 30, 2024

Fleetio Newsroom

Fleetio Expands Offerings to Elevate Fleet Maintenance Management Across Diverse Industries

Feature expansion empowers fleets with four new features, customized packages and a data-driven focus to elevate efficiency and cost-effectiveness

BIRMINGHAM, AL – Fleetio, a leading fleet maintenance management software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, today announced four new, innovative features, further solidifying its commitment to providing comprehensive and adaptable solutions for fleets of all sizes. The new features include Tire Management, Warranty Management, Sensor Data Snapshots and Enhanced Service Tasks.

The feature expansion reflects Fleetio’s ongoing focus on addressing customer needs and regularly improving its platform to meet the evolving demands of the industry. By understanding the unique challenges faced by various types of fleets, Fleetio empowers them to operate with newfound confidence, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Together, these four new features enable fleets with better control and visibility over maintenance costs.

“At Fleetio, we’re passionate about empowering fleets to reach their full potential,” said Jon Meachin, CEO of Fleetio. “These new features and offerings are a testament to our innovation and customer centricity. We’re confident they’ll serve as valuable tools to help fleets thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”

Tire Management allows fleet managers to gain real-time insights into tire health and performance, tracking tread depth, air pressure and usage data, proactively identifying potential issues and ensuring compliance with Department of Transportation regulations. This feature is ideal for fleet managers and vehicle operators in all sizes of trucking, freight, construction and contracting fleets.

Warranty Management maximizes warranty claims to avoid unnecessary expenses. This functionality tracks standard and extended warranties, automatically alerting mechanics about applicable policies and seamlessly integrates warranty credits into work orders. This feature caters to mid-market and enterprise fleets, specifically for fleet managers responsible for warranty management.

Sensor Data Snapshots leverage sensor data to proactively detect and address potential problems before they escalate. Managers and drivers create and enrich issues with sensor information, providing technicians with valuable context to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently. Upon initial launch, this feature supports Fleetio users who have integrations with Geotab or Samsara. This functionality benefits fleets of all sizes, particularly fleet managers and technicians.

Enhanced Service Tasks with Parts and Labor streamline work order creation and improve technician productivity. It allows users to link service tasks to specific parts and expected labor hours, eliminating manual data entry and providing valuable insights into labor efficiency. This feature benefits mid-market and enterprise fleets in the transportation and logistics, utilities, construction and service industries, particularly users creating work orders with parts and managers analyzing labor trends.

"There is nothing worse than getting calls about flat tires or tire failures that could have been prevented. The tire management and telematics integration features in Fleetio reduce headaches and tire failures by turning your tire program from reactive to proactive,” said Jesus Martinez Ramirez, Fleet and Warehousing Supervisor, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency. “I strongly recommend using Fleetio and its many features because they help keep our fleet safe, manage costs and reduce downtime."

To incorporate these new features, and recognizing the diverse needs of its growing customer base, Fleetio has restructured its packaging to offer three tiers, each expanding on the capabilities of the one before:

Essential: Catered to fleets starting their journey, this package provides core functionalities for organizing vehicle inventory and managing inspections.

Professional: Designed for fleets needing a collaborative approach to fleet management. This plan offers fleet managers robust reporting and analytics and comprehensive tracking of all in-house and outsourced maintenance activities.

Premium: Ideal for fleets requiring a sophisticated and customizable platform that can integrate with their current systems, processes and telematics. This plan provides complete operational visibility, including parts management, with adaptable tracking for various data points.

Fleetio’s dedication to progress stretches far beyond its recent feature launch. Over the past few years, the company has steadily delivered a series of impactful product enhancements. Its maintenance platform was boosted with streamlined purchase orders, service reminders, updated Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) categories, and the addition of Last-In First-Out, First-In First-Out (LIFO/FIFO) parts and inventory. Other previous enhancements include updates to Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration, the addition of issue prioritization to maximize resources and the release of enhanced security, work order functionality and management of custom service tasks.

Building on its long-standing commitment to continuous innovation, Fleetio’s latest expansion reinforces its position as the leader in fleet management technology. These newest features are the next step in the company’s journey to being the ultimate source of actionable insights, elevating fleets of all sizes to their full potential.

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