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Asset count:
Maintain airtight compliance with an electronic inspections and issue management system. Eliminate paperwork and address issues immediately. Learn More
Minimum wage:
Working days per year:
Time saved per electronic inspection (minutes):
Number of inspections per vehicle per day:
Cost of inspections booklet per vehicle per month:
Stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks for every asset. Set service schedules and reminders to maximize vehicle uptime and road readiness. Learn More
Number of downtime events reduced with proper PM (per vehicle):
Downtime per event (hours):
Lost revenue per hour of downtime:
Driver cost per hour of downtime:
Manage external vendors, repairs and approvals without the managed service price tag. Approve repair orders electronically, analyze maintenance costs and trends and get one bill for all your fleet maintenance vendors. Learn More
Number of service trips per vehicle per year:
Time saved with automatic data entry per trip (minutes):
Time saved with electronic approvals per trip (minutes):
Average discount rate:
Amount spent on outsourced maintenance per vehicle per year:
  • Inspections
  • time saved
  • cost savings from booklets
  • Vehicle Downtime
  • driver time saved
  • lost revenue prevented
  • Outsourced Maintenance
  • time saved
  • discounts
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