Asset Management Software

Manage every asset in your fleet
from cradle to grave

From acquisition to disposal, managing vehicles and equipment
with Fleetio makes fleet operations a breeze.

Everything in one place

Stop relying on multiple spreadsheets and piles of paperwork to manage your fleet. Fleetio gives you quick access to your fleet data when you need it.

Mobile access

Fleets are mobile by nature so real-time access to asset data is a must. Fleetio's smartphone apps give your team anytime access on the go.

Easy collaboration

Fleet managers, drivers, mechanics, parts managers, supervisors and more can all work together in one easy-to-use system with Fleetio.

Store everything about your fleet in one place

Fleetio helps you track your entire vehicle inventory, asset status history, driver assignments, important dates and more — all in one place.

Unlimited custom fields
VIN decoding of 90+ specs
Track multiple meters
Status & assignment history
Link assets together
Cost per mile trends
Import & export data
Log notes & comments

Upload documents, photos & other important files online

With fleet-related files and images stored in Fleetio, you'll always be able to access critical documents wherever you are.

Purchase or loan documents
Accident reports
Multiple vehicle photos
Warranty documentation

Evaluate fleet operations and costs

Data visibility is key for surfacing actionable insight that keeps everyone in your fleet informed. From c-suite to back office, on the road and in the shop, team members have access to the information they need to keep the fleet running at optimal speed.

All operating cost data in one place
Identify & manage exceptions
Track asset reliability & durability
Standardize vehicle purchasing