Customizable Fleet Software

Tailor Fleetio to your fleet’s needs with our flexible, powerful customization features.

Our software is built from the ground up to support integrations. We don't hold your data hostage.

Automate asset management

Pull data into Fleetio and automatically trigger workflows, helping you stay on top of preventative maintenance and reduce time spent managing it.

Streamline fleet data

Extend the value of your fleet data. Integrate data from other systems into Fleetio and vice versa, expanding insight into fleet needs and efficiencies.

Stretch your investment further

Fleetio has countless data sharing opportunities and works with the other business applications you use daily, allowing you to move seamlessly between tasks.

"Fleetio's Open API and webhooks integration have enhanced our cloud-based software solutions by allowing us to integrate and take action on data about our moving assets in real-time."

Chris Mondeau

Technology Coordinator


Integrate vehicle-related data automatically with our pre-built integrations

  • Fuel Cards

    Connect your Wex, Fleetcor and Comdata fuel cards to Fleetio and automatically track your fleet's fuel expenses.

  • Telematics

    Connect telematics devices from more than twelve trusted partners such as Verizon Connect and Geotab and get automatic odometer updates, view vehicle location, manage DTC codes and more.

  • VIN Decoder

    Retrieve 90+ vehicle specs* in seconds— weight, payload, engine, fluids and more! Enter one or multiple VIN numbers and instantly return valuable information about your vehicles.

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Push Fleetio data to other systems and applications in real time

Choose from 50+ events such as vehicle status changes, issue creation and resolution, work order completion and more. Fleetio will push details about these events automatically when they occur, helping you trigger relevant notifications, tasks and follow-ups in other systems and applications you already use.

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Push and pull fleet data with our REST API

130+ endpoints and growing. Our REST API allows programmatic access to Fleetio resources (e.g. vehicles, meter entries and fuel entries) so developers can build integrations with third-party and/or internal systems.

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Use your company-specific login to access Fleetio

Sign into your SAML 2.0 compliant Identity Provider portals (Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services, Okta, Ping Identity, Shibboleth, and others) with existing credentials and then access Fleetio with a single click, without having to enter any Fleetio-specific passwords or account names.


Link from Fleetio directly to other systems and applications

Start your day in Fleetio and jump to other systems and applications with one click, allowing you to move seamlessly between systems. Set up static or dynamic URLs from vehicle or contact records in Fleetio to important websites, web-based software tools and more.

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Grab your team’s attention with custom messaging

Create custom messages for your team with rich formatting, images and hyperlinks. Your message is displayed on their Fleetio Web Dashboard, helping to keep everyone on the same page.

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