Smartphone-based GPS Tracking App

Track driver performance and monitor trips using smartphones

When it comes to GPS tracking software for fleets, there are a host of options to consider. While more traditional plug-n-play devices are a popular choice, many choose to reap the benefits of mobile-based GPS. This allows fleets to automatically track drivers’ routes and performance all from their existing smartphones.

GPS tracking app

Using the built-in sensors in the smartphone, Fleetio’s gps app automatically tracks trip distance, location and the duration of driving events such as speeding, phone usage and aggressive acceleration. Fleetio scores and ranks drivers, giving fleet managers insight into their best and worst drivers and targets for improvement.

With Fleetio Drive, you can:

  • Record driver routes for every trip
  • Automatically determine trip travel time and location of speeding events
  • Distinguish between productive and unproductive drivers
  • Keep drivers accountable on every drive
  • Track progress in driver safety
  • Identify and address poor driving performance