GPS Tracking Software for Fleets

Monitor trips and driver behavior using smartphone-based GPS

When it comes to GPS tracking software for fleets, there are a lot of options. While more traditional plug-n-play OBDs are a popular choice, many choose to reap the benefits of smartphone-based GPS. This allows fleets to automatically track drivers’ trips and gauge performance all from their existing smartphones.

GPS tracking software

Using the sensors in your drivers’ smartphones, Fleetio’s GPS tracking software automatically detects when they start driving, where they went and how well they drove—no expensive hardware or installation required.

With Fleetio Drive, you can:

  • Record driver routes for every trip
  • Display trip travel time and location of speeding events
  • Distinguish between productive and unproductive drivers
  • Keep drivers accountable on every drive
  • Track progress in driver safety
  • Identify and address poor driving performance