Fleetio Drive

Automatic GPS trip tracking
made easy

Using the sensors in your drivers’ smartphones,
Fleetio automatically detects when they start driving,
where they went and how well they drove.

Maintain detailed, accurate trip records

Track trip stats and driver behavior for every journey. Trips are scored and stored in Fleetio at the end of each trip, giving you immediate access to critical trip information.

  • Trip distance & duration

    See how long and how far a trip is in your preferred units of measurement, miles or kilometers.

  • Route driven

    See every trip on a map, giving you critical insight into where a driver has been.

  • Aggregate time driving & between trips

    View by trip or driver, or in aggregate by day, week, and month.

  • GPS location of driving events

    See when, where and why risky driving behavior is detected.

Keep tabs on fleet productivity

See how drivers spend their time on the road. Fleetio tracks how much time they spend driving and time between trips, making it easy to see how they're progressing through their day.

View reports and export trip data

View and print detailed Trip and Driver Reports and bring them to regular meetings with your drivers to review. You can even export the data to excel and use it alongside other operations data, giving you a holistic view of fleet productivity and driver performance.

Since implementing Fleetio Drive, dispatch saves 2.5 hours daily, drivers save 15 to 30 minutes daily and McCorvey saves 76 percent on its annual fleet GPS tracking software costs.

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