Driver Tracking

Track GPS location and score drivers based on driving performance

Dangerous driving puts your fleet at risk.

Monitor your drivers’ trips and driving behavior like speeding and phone usage no matter which vehicle they drive.

Improve fleet safety

Gain visibility into dangerous driving behaviors so you can address them instantly.

Empower drivers

Allow drivers to monitor their performance alongside other drivers and see it change over time.

Reduce costs and risk

Avoid vehicle wear and tear and potential accidents by monitoring performance on every trip.

"Fleetio Drive is the scalable GPS tracking solution we needed to monitor and enforce safe driving habits and protect our investment in our specialized vehicles and equipment."

Moyses Barbalat

Computer Systems Administrator

Monitor risky driving behavior

Using the sensors in your drivers' smartphones, Fleetio automatically tracks when and where drivers engage in known high-risk activities such as phone usage and speeding. Use our Distracted Driving Calculator to see how risky behaviors can affect your drivers' reaction times.

Phone usage
Aggressive acceleration
Hard braking

Score each driver's performance

See a scorecard for every driver in your fleet, showing their trips, scores and behaviors over time, helping you make a quick assessment of a driver's overall safety.

Gauge individual driver performance at any time
See how drivers rank within the fleet
Allow drivers to monitor their own performance
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See which drivers need to improve

Rank drivers in a Leaderboard based on their Driver Score, helping you identify the great drivers and those who need a little extra coaching.

Establish friendly competition among drivers
Identify drivers for training sessions
Reward your safest drivers

Get actionable trip and driver reports

Filterable, exportable trip and driver status reports make it easy to monitor your entire fleet.

See aggregate trip data and driver scores
Get stats like time of day, trip duration, driving event counts and max speeds
Determine which drivers need extra coaching
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