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Streamline your equipment assignment process

Fleetio empowers your team to quickly check equipment in and out with a mobile device. Increase your team’s productivity while enhancing visibility into who is using which piece of equipment. See a complete audit trail of equipment assignments and hold your team accountable.

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Equipment tracking
  • Maximize productivity with a mobile equipment management solution

    Reduce the time your team spends on equipment check-in check-out process with a digital solution. Increase productivity and know who is using what piece of equipment and where it’s located.

  • Control equipment inventory and availability

    Always know your precise equipment counts, even at multiple locations. Automatically aggregate equipment inventory totals and ensure your equipment is readily available for future use.

  • Track equipment assignments from various locations

    Increase your equipment assignment visibility and know instantly when a piece of equipment is in use and who’s using it. Maintain an audit trail and hold your team accountable for lost or misplaced equipment.

Equipment checkin

Check equipment in and out with ease

A more efficient equipment check-in and check-out process means increased productivity and more time for your team to focus on their daily tasks. Our mobile app makes checking equipment in and out as simple as a few clicks on a mobile device. Ditch the paper forms and spreadsheets in favor of a centralized digital system with details you can access anywhere, anytime. Read the blog

  • Easy-to-use mobile app for iOS and Android devices
  • Log assignments with scannable QR codes or asset tags
  • Unlimited users with no additional hardware required
Equipment assignments

Increase accountability through equipment assignments

Track equipment inventory and availability through team member equipment assignments with our software and mobile app. Keep an audit trail of equipment assignments and hold your team accountable for lost or damaged equipment. Link equipment and power tools to vehicles they travel in, so you always know where your assets are located. Read the blog

  • Set equipment availability statuses in real time
  • Keep a detailed audit trail of equipment assignments
  • Analyze equipment assignment reports
Equipment proqual

Manage your equipment in a centralized system

Control critical aspects of your equipment from your dashboard or mobile device. Always be in the know with real-time notifications when your team checks equipment in and out. Boost equipment visibility and maximize the lifespan of your equipment to get the most out of your investment.

  • Standardize electronic equipment inspections
  • Collaborate with your team from anywhere in real time
  • Manage your equipment, vehicles and parts in one system

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