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Maintain control of your equipment inventory

Keep tabs on your equipment inventory with the help of software. Fleetio provides comprehensive visibility into your equipment in real time. Assign equipment to operators, track location in real time and monitor equipment status to ensure efficiency.

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  • Track equipment details in a centralized system

    Store and manage every aspect of your equipment in Fleetio. Keep records of assignments, service and more. Access equipment details from anywhere via equipment inventory software or mobile app.

  • Manage equipment assignments for improved visibility

    Ensure your equipment is in good hands. Assign equipment to team members to stay informed of equipment location. Have operators conduct mobile inspections to monitor equipment condition.

  • Collaborate with team members remotely

    Fleetio improves communication across your team. Collaborate with your operators and track equipment issues in real time to stay productive. Stay informed in real time and manage equipment maintenance on the go.

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Track and view real-time equipment inventory

Remotely track equipment location with Fleetio. Change equipment status to active or out-of-service and monitor equipment location from anywhere. Fleetio helps you monitor equipment usage and triggers maintenance reminders to maximize efficiency. Read the blog

  • View real time equipment status reports
  • Automatically calculate duration of use
  • Trigger service reminders based on hour intervals
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Improve team accountability with equipment assignments

Schedule and assign equipment to individual operators to maintain real-time asset visibility. Equipment inventory software provides a complete audit trail of your power tools and equipment to help you quickly locate equipment and hold operators accountable if power tools go missing. Read the blog

  • Drag & drop assignments in calendar view
  • Quickly add, edit or move assignments
  • View assignments by operator or equipment
  • Automatically notify operators of assignments
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Store essential equipment details in a centralized system

Easily access equipment details when you need them. Fleetio keeps a complete record of all equipment details including status, assignments, service history and more. Know your equipment inside and out by referencing details in an instant.

  • Track assignment and status history
  • Manage all fleet assets on a single platform
  • View equipment location
  • Access comprehensive service history

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