Track equipment maintenance
records from anywhere

Fleetio helps you centralize, mobilize and seamlessly monitor equipment maintenance processes

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Let Fleetio do the legwork for you

Track maintenance logs in real time

Ensure your maintenance records are always up to date so you never miss a critical, scheduled equipment maintenance request.

Enhance visibility

Ensure everyone on your team has access to the right equipment maintenance data anytime, anywhere—reducing unnecessary expenses, vehicle downtime and overall inefficiency.

Encourage collaboration

Eliminate the information bottleneck by enhancing collaboration across all teams touching the fleet so no one is ever misinformed or disconnected.

"Fleetio also makes it so easy to keep up with all the documentation for each service record. It has worked beautifully."

Heather Turner

Office Manager at Southpace Properties

Everything you need to streamline your equipment maintenance process

Simplify your asset management process. Store all information about your fleet into one, easy-to-use web and mobile-based application. Decode VINs to automatically populate vehicle details and analyze usage to determine optimal vehicle replacement times.

Eliminate the headache of compliance with mobile-based, electronic vehicle inspection forms. Use our fleet maintenance mobile app Fleetio Go to equip your team to conduct thorough yet efficient vehicle inspections from anywhere.

Don’t miss a single maintenance request. Create work orders, schedule maintenance and setup service reminders easily with the Fleetio mobile and web apps. Plus, you can seamlessly track parts usage and easily manage inventory.

Quickly and automatically calculate fuel efficiency data. Monitor key fuel metrics in real time and monitor fuel efficiency to reduce costs and improve your drivers’ overall driving habits.

Maintain detailed records of employees, drivers and vendors. Set reminders for important dates such as license renewals and drug tests. Link maintenance and fuel records to vendors to track, analyze and optimize spend.

Add unlimited users and collaborate with them no matter their location. Integrate with select GPS providers to automatically update odometer readings, track DTC alerts and monitor fuel theft. Use our open API to connect your other business systems.