Fuel Management

Optimize your fleet for
peak fuel efficiency

Unlock critical insights into fuel performance for your
entire fleet without laborous spreadsheets.

Simplify fuel data collection

Log data and upload receipts on the road through Fleetio Go. Fleetio even integrates with popular fuel cards to automate data collection and save you time.

Understand fuel costs

Obtain critical fleet metrics without spreadsheet gymnastics. Fleetio puts cost-per-mile, MPG, fuel costs per day and more at your fingertips.

Manage exceptions, track progress

Measure cost-per-mile and miles-per-gallon improvement by vehicle or for your entire fleet. Fleetio makes it easy to monitor fuel efficiency trends.

Measure and reduce fuel costs

Monitor trends, spot deficiencies, optimize vehicle usage all through a simple, intuitive dashboard.

  • Know your fuel economy inside and out

    Receive fuel economy data based on your preferred unit of measurement: MPG (US or UK), L/100km, km/L.

  • Understand cost per mile for every asset

    Gain insight into how much a vehicle costs to operate per mile based on fuel costs.

  • Reduce fuel theft

    Fleetio alerts you to fuel entries logged at a location other than where a vehicle was fueled.

Input fuel data with ease

Discover three powerful ways to keep track data in Fleetio and unlock actionable fuel metrics.

  • Integrate your fuel cards

    Import entries from supported fuel cards automatically.

  • Enter fill ups on the go

    Drivers easily log fuel and upload fuel receipts in Fleetio Go, saving them time and the hassle of keeping track of paper receipts.

  • Import your fuel data

    Import a CSV of fuel entries from another system or historical spreadsheet.

Unlock insight into fuel trends

Report on fuel performance in aggregate or by vehicle in your preferred unit of measurement. Fleetio makes it easy to share fuel consumption data, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle allocation.