Electronic Inspection Reports

Electronic Inspection Reports

A better way to handle vehicle inspection reports

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Whether they are required by regulatory bodies (DOT, MOT, etc.) or simply ingrained in your fleet processes, driver vehicle inspection reports are a key piece of good fleet operations. Most fleets, however, handle inspection reporting with pen and paper which can be time consuming and error prone.

Fleetio inspections stack

Electronic Inspection Reports App

Fleetio is changing the way fleet vehicle inspections are performed!

Now, drivers can complete vehicle inspections in minutes using Fleetio’s modern vehicle inspections app. This allows fleet managers full visibility into each vehicle’s status and any issues present.

With Fleetio Inspections, you can:

  • Customize your own inspections or get started with a template (DOT, MOT, etc.)
  • Select specific vehicles for inspection, schedule frequency and alert drivers when inspections are due
  • Add photos, comments or documents to an inspection making it easy for drivers to report defects
  • Create workflows to instantly report vehicle issues to the right people, accelerating issue resolution

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Josue Zavala

Fleet Manager,
Zerorez Atlanta

"We reduced our time spent on vehicle inspections by 65% and hourly maintenance costs by $3,500 in the first 45 days."

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